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The last few years, Gokarna has gained a reputation as one of the best yoga centers for the winter season in India. The natural beauty of the area combined with the ancient spiritual tradition of the holy town of Gokarna makes it the ideal location for yoga students and teachers. No words can describe the unbelievable beauty and magic of Gokarna and it's beaches. This is why we have chosen it as the location of the Tipi Garden Resort.

Gokarna is one of the holiest places in all of India. Known as the Varanasi of the south and home to the reverred Atma (soul) Shiva Lingam, it is always bustling with pilgrims visiting the many temples found here. Despite its spiritual significance, it has remained a charming, small coastal town with just 3 main streets. Temple lovers and photographers can spend hours exploring and soaking up the tranquil atmosphere. Gokarna is also well-connected by bus and train. Buses stop right in town and Gokarna Road railway station is just 15 minutes away by taxi or rickshaw. The nearest airport is Goa International Airport (GOI) which is 150 kilometers away.

Gokarna is located on a small peninsula and the area is a beach lovers paradise. As well as Kudle Beach, where the Tipi Garden Resort is located, you can enjoy many other beaches including Paradise Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, Nirvana Beach, and the 8-kilometer long Main Beach. They are easily reached by beautiful walks over the headlands, by boat, or by taxi.

Kudle beach is one of the most beautiful in all of India. Surrounded by forested hills and facing the sunset, you will be dreaming of returning to it as soon as you have gone. You will carry the soothing sound of the rolling waves and the sight of the magical sunsets in your mind for a long time after you have left. Everyone loves Kudle! There are no clubs and discos on Kudle Beach but what better than an impromptu beach party around a fire with music and dancing under the stars. And for the more adventurous, you can have a night swim and be amazed by the phosphorescent plankton that is found in these waters.

The 2 hour trek from Kudle Beach to Paradise Beach, passing through Om and Half Moon beaches, is a must for anyone visiting the area.

Om Beach is so called because of its distinctive shape. Spend a few hours here swinging in a hammock in the shade and sipping an ice cold beer, going in the calm water for a refreshing dip and enjoying a lunch of fresh caught fish in one of the beach shacks. Half Moon Beach is the smallest and quietest beach in Gokarna. You will forget the rest of the world exists and, more often than not, you can have the whole beach to yourself. All the beaches can be reached by the regular boat services that are available here. Look out for dolphins as you ride the blue water and be amazed at the remarkable beauty of the Konkan coast.

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